New Ordinance Allows Golf Carts on Certain Streets in Breckenridge

People must apply for a permit and put a special sticker on the back of their carts

BRECKENRIDGE, Minn. — Many golfers from Breckenridge have to lug their golf carts on special trailers without being able to drive them on the open road.

But recently, the Breckenridge City Council has made strides to enable these carts to roll along city streets.

“Minnesota law requires a city to have a permit, an ordinance to allow people to drive golf carts within that city,” said Jason Butts, a member of the Breckenridge City Council

Recently, the City Council adopted an ordinance that allows people to apply for a permit to drive golf carts, ATV’s, and utility task vehicles on certain streets.

They are not allowed on state, county, and federal streets, which include US Highway 75 and Minnesota Highway 210.

For local golfers, this new ordinance makes it more convenient to get back and forth from the course.

“It just makes it easier on a guy and you don’t have to load golf clubs into a vehicle and unload them and all that, it’s just a convenience factor,” said Tim Johnson, a golfer from Breckenridge.

People could go to Breckenridge City Hall to get their permit to drive their golf carts for $40, which includes a $15 slow moving vehicle reflective sticker.

Once the ordinance takes effect in a few weeks, Butts says some rules still apply for people to get their permits.

“As long as your golf cart is insured and you have a driver’s license and you have the other requirements, a rearview mirror, a slow–moving sticker, you will probably get the permit, and the permit lasts three years,” said Butts.

In the long run, Butts says the ordinance clears up any misunderstandings about the rules of operating golf carts in his city.

“Before I think there was a question of ‘can I be driving this down the street or not?’ The answer was no, but no one really knew, so now that we got this ordinance, it’s clear,” said Butts.

The ordinance says that authorized city staff can use ATV’s or utility task vehicles without a permit on city streets to conduct city business.

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