4-H Members Show their Livestock at the Red River Valley Fair

Kids in the 4–H program have the opportunity to show off their hogs, sheep, and goats for all to see

WEST FARGO, N.D.– Kids in the 4–H program have the opportunity to show off their hogs, sheep, and goats for all to see.

“They’re just so passionate about their projects and their animals and they are excited to be here, they’re excited to exhibit all of the hard work that they’ve been working on all summer long with their animals,” livestock superintendent at the Red River Valley Fair, Lindsey Abentroth said.

Between 40 and 50 kids will be showing their animals at the Red River Valley Fair, but this isn’t just fun and games, these kids worked extensively with their animals.

“You have to work for it and it’s not just going to come easy for you. It’s going to become harder and harder,” 4-H member Hadley Abentroth said. 

Hopefully, all of that hard work can pay off in the ring. Parents appreciate the added responsibility given to the kids who participate in 4–H.

“Well it teaches them responsibility because they need to take care of their animals,” parent of 4-H member Linda Wendel said. “It’s fun to watch them, you know when they first started at the beginning of the year, you know at the beginning of the season to the end of the season, how good they get at showing.”

4–H members spend a lot of time with their animals and eventually form a relationship.

“You just figure out what to do because at first they are pretty hard to, because at first they’re going to be a little jumpy and stuff, like this one, so once you get to know them they’ll be fine and they’ll be calm with you,” 4-H member Daniel Bangasser said. 

Exhibitors from North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota are at the fair. Lindsey says the common bond of interest between the kids in 4–H benefits their experiences.

“A lot of them come from the same backgrounds, the farming type background, and it’s just exciting to see them having fun with their friends and everyone that they meet here,” Abentroth said. 

Livestock is just one example of an area in which 4–H programs participate in.

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