Red River Valley Fair Opens Gates for Week-Long Fun

Admission is $15 on Tuesday and $10 through Sunday

WEST FARGO, N.D. — The Red River Valley Fair is finally opening the gates for their 2018 festival.

KVRR’s Danielle Church has more on the week–long fun planned for the entire family.

If you plan on visiting the fair this year, it’s recommended you avoid using Sheyenne Street.

“There is a possible road closure from 8–5 on Friday all day from 13th down to the interstate on Sheyenne,” said Katy Stenerson, with the Red River Valley Fair.

You can get to the fair by taking I–94 and getting off at Main Avenue.

The fair will go through Sunday featuring more than 40 vendors including new Texas Best Barbeque with giant turkey legs and corn on the cob plus Fargo’s new Scoop–N–Dough ice cream.

But of course you can’t have a fair without all the traditional foods too.

When it comes to the competition between a corn dog and cheese curds, the winner is pretty is obvious.

“Cheese curds,” said Jaenna Wolff and Allie Slinger.

“Cheese curds for me,” said Shannon Minniti.

“Corn dog,” said Andrew Minniti.

For some families, the fair isn’t just a time to enjoy all the treats. It’s also a time to share a part of what their childhood with their little ones.

“It’s kind of one of those things where I’ve gone to festivals my entire life so just kind of want to impart that on the girls so they have the opportunity to go through similar experiences,” Andrew Minniti said.

“We want to go on the doggy ride,” Minniti’s kids said.

For some of us who are tall for those kinds of rides, there’s bands playing every night including Sawyer Brown, Bush, and Seether which is included in the gate admission.

The music is one of the main attractions at the fair, drawing people from all around the country.

“It attracts a lot of those other people because I don’t think you’re ever going to see Brothers Osborne or Seether, those really big names that have been around for a little bit too. You’re not going to see them for $10. That’s like your ticket fees on any concert you normally go to,” Stenerson said.

Before you leave the fair, some say you there’s one thing you absolutely have to try that will want to make you come back next year for more.

“Deep fried oreos. They’re really, really, really good,” Wolff said.

The Red River Valley Fair was first brought to West Fargo in 1904.

Tonight is the only time it will cost $15 to get in because Sawyer Brown is the headliner.

The rest of the week it will only cost $10.

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