A Taste of Nature: Kids Learn About The Wonders of the Outdoors

Kids received seeds and a bookmark to combine passion for reading, nature

MOORHEAD, Minn. —┬áKids had the chance to learn about the wonders of nature at Moorhead Public Library.

As part of the library’s “Explore” program, kids took part in a reading of “The Lorax” and even got to meet a python named Elsa.

The Lake Aggasiz Regional Library network holds several events throughout the summer to keep kids learning even when school’s not in session.

Staff from the Agassiz Environmental Learning Center jumped at the opportunity to teach some important nature lessons to the kids.

“One of our big goals is to foster empathy for nature, so making kids excited about spending time outside and in the woods, so understanding that these things that we take for granted every day, a lot of them come from nature,” said Danielle Spiten of the Agassiz Environmental Learning Center.

Kids left the library with some sunflower seeds and a bookmark so they can nurture their love for reading and nature at home.

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