Store Offers Discount Wall to Help Teachers Shop for School Supplies

Art & Learn has a discount section

FARGO, N.D. — It may be summer but teachers still have to get school supplies for the fall.

Art & Learn is a store in Fargo at the corner of 13th Avenue South and University Drive, which only sells school supplies and décor.

Although they can’t discount everything in the store, owners say they do have a 75 percent off section.

Part of the reason they have the section in the store is to help out many of the teachers who shop at Art & Learn.

“They spend a lot of their own money, I will say PTO’s supplement a lot of the amount the teachers spend with an amount they will give the teachers,” said Karol Knudson, Art & Learn owner.

Art & Learn’s Fargo shop opened a little over 24 years ago.

Owners have since added onto the building because the demand for school supplies is so high.

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