Bison Fans Bring Unique Memorabilia To NDSU Fan Day

Bison fall sports teams and coaches participated in fan day

FARGO, N.D. — Tuesday marked the 2018 Bison Fan Day, so the biggest NDSU fans made their way back to the Fargodome. Fans got to rub elbows with their favorite players and get some unique memorabilia signed.

“Well some people have their man cave and we just have a lower level that’s a living room, but the theme is bison,” Alana Christensen, a bison fan, said.

With each new season the Christensen’s look to freshen up their bison room with some new gear, and so the duo is attacking this year’s fan day head on.

“They are bison skulls,” Christensen said. “We actually have a gentleman that lives west of us that raises bison. In fact he has a very large herd and I asked if he ever had any deceased ones and bring it to fan day for the autographs.”

While they showcase their skulls, one fan is also growing his collection.

“I would say in the man cave there’s over, and this is no exaggeration, there’s at least 10,000 items,” Scott Halmrast, better known as “the icon” explained.

But a collection of that caliber takes years to build.

“I’ve been collecting since I was five years old and my dad before me, so it’s all been combined,” Halmrast said.

And how do you top this all next year? Well, you bring…

“A whole buffalo,” Doug Christensen joked.

The event had players and coaches from each fall sport. The first 2500 fans were given NDSU playing cards.

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