Tyler Scheuer Surprises Redhawks Crowd with Amazing Balancing Act

Scheuer can balance a 45-pound ladder on his face
FARGO, N.D. — You name it, if Tyler Scheuer can lift it, he can probably balance it on his face.
“People have given me crazy things. I’ve done ice cream cones, strollers, beers on top of water bottles, car seats, baby carriages.”
He has since graduated to even bigger items.
“I think the most impressive thing people find is when I do my grand-finale is my ten-foot ladder,” Tyler said. “It’s about 45 pounds, hurts a little bit.”
Tyler first discovered his unique talent at age 11.
“Bored one day and waiting for my turn at batting practice I was like ‘oh what can I do to pass the time?’ I put a bat up on my nose, could do it and realized after that anything I can lift, I can balance,” Tyler said. “I just kept going around my house and around my school, anything I put up stayed on my nose.”
Now at age 24, Tyler has performed in countless arenas across the entire country, including Tuesday’s stop at Newman Outdoor Field. For Tyler this is all a dream come true.
“I say that to myself all the time,” Tyler said. “I look back to when I was 11-years-old and I was goofing off at school. I never would have thought that balancing things on my face would turn into a full time job, but it’s the best job in the world.”
Tyler has never dropped an item or injured himself since his start at age 11.
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