MSUM, Concordia College Report Upticks in Enrollment in Key Demographics

The two schools have more first-year students hailing from the fargo-Moorhead area

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Hundreds of students packed up carts and moved into the dorms at Minnesota State University Moorhead for the first time.

The new Dragons share one common interest as they begin the new school year.

“I came to MSUM because I was really excited about how it was a small campus but it had a lot of diversity and a lot of different activities,” said Morgan Kempton, a junior at MSUM.

“It’s a little bit smaller on the university scale overall, and it’s pretty close to home, only about two hours,” said Zach Drown, a first-year student at MSUM.

The small campus proves to be a strength for the MSUM Admissions team.

Even though their current enrollment of 5,700 is on par with prior numbers, the 1,800 first–year and transfer students starting up this year is their highest mark in five years.

“Students here tend to like the small environment. They want to know the professors, they want to know students, they want some hands–on experiences outside of the classroom as well as inside the classroom,” said Dr. Brenda Amenson-Hill, the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student affairs at MSUM.

Dr. Amenson–Hill also points to how the school’s admission team is more active on social media, as well as their presence at local high schools, as reasons for the spike in enrollment after a small dip two years ago.

“We’re very excited because we are trying to do the things that are going to make a difference for the students, and we’re seeing some of the numbers, and we’re just in a really positive place as a university,” said Dr. Amenson-Hill.

Meanwhile, things are also on the upswing right down the street at Concordia College. The Lutheran school has posted a higher total of students from the Fargo–Moorhead area as well as a record total of international and minority students.

With 2,100 students set to start the school year, Concordia is seeing a larger class of first–year students, owing in large part to their pipeline with high schools across the metro.

“20% percent of our incoming class this year is from the Fargo–Moorhead area. That’s our highest population of Fargo–Moorhead students since 2010. So we’re out in the high schools, out working with families,” said Dr. Karl Stumo, the Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing at Concordia College.

Even though they might be smaller, the schools hope their dedication to education stands large.

MSUM starts classes Monday, while Concordia kicks off the school year Thursday.

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