Hundreds of Olive Garden Locations Saying Thank You to Firefighters with Pasta

It is not every day that people show gratitude for the fighters in their hard hats who go above and beyond putting out flames

FARGO, N.D. — For many, Labor Day weekend is a mini vacation but for others, like first responders, it’s any other day on the job.

KVRR’s Jessie Cohen tells us about a nationwide effort from Olive Garden to say thank you for their hard work.

With hours upon hours of hard work, Fargo firefighters are hungry for more than just sleep.

“I got guys that are calling waiting hey is ours coming yeah its coming,” said Lee Soeth, the Fargo Fire Department’s Battalion Chief.

Because they know today is the day that Olive Garden is saying thank you.

“They are excited every year when I call them. They look forward to be receiving the free lunch,” said Aftav Kon, as known as AK, who is the General Manager of the Olive Garden in Fargo.

From pasta to bread sticks and even meatballs, these firefighters are getting special treatment.

The Fargo Fire Department isn’t the only ones receiving this special treat. All 850 locations are loading up to deliver to different first responders across the nation.

It is not every day that people show gratitude for the fighters in their hard hats who go above and beyond putting out flames.

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, whatever it is, we’re still here,” Soeth said.

“This weekend off, most people can be with their family but they are really out there serving us on this long holiday and trying to protect us,” AK said.

But on Labor Day, the staff at Olive Garden says this gesture of appreciation is the least they can do.

“There is nothing more satisfying than going to the fire department and trying to shake their hand and say thank you for serving us,” AK said.

“It’s really special because it’s one of those appreciations we don’t get very often so to be kind of honored by a business in town that they do this for us it’s really kind of nice,” Soeth said.

For the Fargo firefighters, they realize how important it is to have help available no matter the holiday at the end of a 911 call…

“That’s something a lot of places in the country don’t have,” Soeth said.

And for those who work at the family style Italian restaurant…

“It’s very, very important for us be part of the local community. That is where I live, that’s where my kids go to school and I’m part of the community,” AK said.

After 17 years of recognition, Olive Garden plans to continue the tradition year after year.

This is the fourth year the Fargo Olive Garden has partnered up with the Fargo Fire Department.

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