NDSU Smash Bros: Fraternity Builds Stronger Bond Using Sledgehammer, Car

It was just one of Theta Chi's recruitment week activities

FARGO, N.D. — What better way is there to celebrate brotherhood than…smashing a car?

It’s recruitment week at NDSU for those who want to get involved in Greek life on campus. But NDSU’s Theta Chi decided to try something a little different this year to bond with some of their new brothers. Each of them picked up a sledgehammer and destroyed a car that the fraternity bought off Craigslist for only $300. They were told the car may or may not even run when they picked it up.

“For a lot of sophomore and juniors, first week is pretty easy but for a lot of incoming freshmen, it can be really stressful so it’s just something to let the steam out,” said Tony Kimlinger, Theta Chi’s president.

“The windows are the most fun to go first just to see it shatter and to see all the glass fall down. It’s actually really fun, the adrenaline is pumping and then we get AC/DC’s Thunderstruck playing in the background. It’s a good time,” said Nolan Russell, Theta Chi’s vice president.

Theta Chi will close the week with a mini golf game inside the frat house tomorrow.

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