Downtown Revitalization Leads to West Fargo Labeled as “Main Street Community”

Governor Burgum's program looks to celebrate vibrant communities that can attract workers

WEST FARGO, N.D. — As a result of the city’s multi–year commitment to revitalize its downtown, Governor Doug Burgum recognizes West Fargo as a “Main Street Community.”

The Governor’s “Main Street Initiative” celebrates vibrant communities attracting people to jobs powering the state’s economy.

He says with an emphasis on multi–use facilities and pedestrian–friendly projects, West Fargo is in a great position to attract more residents.

“This is exciting because this is one of the fastest growing communities in the state, and for them to be investing in creating a center, a downtown, all of this helps solves the biggest issue in our state, which is workforce,” said Governor Burgum.

One area that looks to be the center of this new downtown revitalization is Sheyenne Plaza. The space’s flexibility to host many events goes hand-in-hand with the city’s plan to maximize activity within the city limits.

“Long term, our vision is full of unique spaces, places where our residents can come down and enjoy, but also diversifying our business offerings, increasing our tax base, creating fantastic jobs in a place that can maintain its small community feel,”said Matt Marshall, the Economic Development Coordinator for the City of West Fargo.

Eight high school students from West Fargo attended a summit with Governor Burgum and West Fargo Mayor Bernie Dardis. Six of them say they would love to return to the city when they finish college.

“All the different things that [West Fargo] has to offer, like West Fest, I love that, I was here last week, and all the small community events, I love those,” said Julie Zamkulu, a junior at Sheyenne High School.

“It feels like home, there’s lots of things that make it feel homey, and I’ve never known anything else so I don’t see a reason to leave, even if it’s freezing cold all the time,” said Tessa Knutson, a freshman at Sheyenne High School.

Governor Burgum says that young people are going to be the difference maker for the state’s future.

“It’s important to hear their voices because we have to build communities that the young people want to live in tomorrow and return and live in and raise their families,” said Governor Burgum.

West Fargo is one of 57 Main Street communities in North Dakota.

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