West Fargo Schools $106.9 Million Bond Referendum Passes

WEST FARGO, N.D. – More new schools will be coming to the growing West Fargo Public School District.

Voters overwhelmingly approve the district’s nearly $107 million school bond. 71% of the nearly 6,000 votes cast were in favor of the bond. The measure needed 60 percent approval to pass.

Under the proposal, about $88 million would be used for new construction. The rest would pay for additions or renovations at elementary schools, security upgrades and artificial turf for three high school football fields.

“This is a team effort by many, many, many people. I really appreciate our community for coming forward once again and saying yes to a bond referendum and putting students first and ensuring that we have that room and capacity into the future for our kids. It really shows that our community is very much forward thinking and that they’re looking to have those best opportunities by having another middle school, another high school. We’re creating more opportunities for all of the activities, we’re creating more participation and to ensure that our schools have capacity and it’s an exciting time. Our district is growing, our city is growing, and with that comes many, many opportunities. I think our voters are saying that they trust we will move forward and make great decisions for our students and that they want to be a part of it,” Superintendent┬áBeth Slette said.

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