South University Drive Construction Project Wraps Up After Months of Work

According to the Department of Transportation, everything should be done in a couple of weeks

FARGO, N.D. — People have been driving through construction zones for months, but now, the South University Drive project is finally wrapping up.

The city has been taking down major traffic control tools in the construction zone this week, and now, all six driving lanes through the I–94 interchange are open.

The project adds three through lanes and makes some turn lanes longer. There’s also a median that’s designed to help the flow of traffic.

“Just keeping up with the infrastructure is something you really have to do as you look at the city and DOT’s needs, you just got to keep updating and keep on top of these things, you keep as good infrastructure as you can out here for all the public,” Kevin Gorder, assistant district engineer for Fargo, said.

Before it’s completely finished, the Department of Transportation has to finish up some signage and the sidewalks.

“It’s been a long project. We’ve had some delays, some utility delays, some contaminated soil, just a lot of things we had to deal with it took a little longer than we were hoping,” Gorder said.

The rain and snow certainly hasn’t helped either. As long as the weather cooperates, they hope everything will be finished in a couple of weeks.

“We couldn’t get dry weather to get the pavement markings down. We didn’t have a dry day to wrap those temporary markings up and we just couldn’t catch a break,” he said.

One commuter says he’s had to adjust to the construction.

“I’ve had to budget in a couple extra minutes for this stretch of University right here,” Alan Goos said.

He says he decided to fill up here for a reason.

“It’s finally coming to an end. I actually stopped at this gas station on purpose because I know their business has probably been suffering,” he said.

Ultimately, the goal set by the Department of Transportation is to create a better flow of traffic for everyone.

“I hope the public appreciates some of the improvements whether it’s pavement condition or all the other things,” Gorder said.

The city says next week, people can expect the westbound I–94 on–ramp and crosswalks to be open.

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