North Dakota Men’s and Women’s Basketball Fine-Tuning Little Details Ahead of 2019 Season

After a combined 24-38 record last year, North Dakota's men's and women's basketball teams are turning the tables

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — After a combined 24-38 record last year, North Dakota’s men’s and women’s basketball teams are turning the tables heading into this year.

Both programs spent the offseason taking a long look in the mirror, reevaluating 2018’s shortcomings. Those months of self-reflection have led to a lot of in-house adjustments, including improving the team culture and paying extra attention to all the little details.

“Just little things,” women’s coach Travis Brewster said. “Just simple things of how we handle ourselves on the road, how we handle ourselves in practice with adversity. Simple things like, are we getting things right, are we not?”

“Focusing everyday, we call it having the championship behavior at practice,” senior center Faith Dooley added. “Pushing yourself, focusing on the little details and doing them all the time.”

The men’s team had very similar solutions.

“A group of guys connected to be able to have that will to find ways to win when things aren’t always going their way,” head coach Brian Jones explained. “This group I feel we have that. The chemistry is so much better, the culture I think we worked on from the end of last season until now. That’s where our whole focus was. I felt we had talent but talent at this level is not enough, you got to have the little things that bring it all together.”

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