An Honor Walk for An Honorable Canine: West Fargo PD Says Goodbye to One of Its Finest

West Fargo Mayor Bernie Dardis declared Oct. 31 "Disco" Day

WEST FARGO, N.D. — You don’t have to tell one German Shepard to be a “good boy.”

Disco has been one for the past seven years.

Assisting his handler Sgt. Pete Nielsen every single day.

But after serving the West Fargo Police Department in more than 1,000 deployments and two of North Dakota’s largest drug seizures in history, he’s is getting the tribute of a lifetime from all of his brothers and sisters at the department with an honor walk.

“This is our first ever canine and our first ever retirement of a canine so we wanted to make sure that Disco ended his career in a special way, something a little bit different and allowing him to have that final walk with Pete and have the people who have worked with him stand and honor them by being here for their last ride home,” said Asst. Police Chief Jerry Boyer.

Because Sgt. Nielsen has been his handler and best friend for so long, he knows what it will mean to not see Disco every day at work.

“It’s pretty difficult. When you have someone who’s in your car with you whether it’s a dog or another person, that’s your partner that you rely on. Disco has come to Pete’s aid on several occasions, all of our aid at some point so to have that bond and to know that it’s ending is an emotional time,” Boyer said.

He may be a canine but Boyer says Disco is no different than anyone else with the squad. In fact, he’s a four legged friend of the entire West Fargo community.

“They’ve seen him when they were in grade school and now they’re getting older so to see that Disco won’t be here anymore is going to be a huge change for everybody,” Boyer said.

Despite the loss, Boyer says there’s so much the department has gained from a pup who truly is unlike any other dog you’ll come across. And if there’s one thing he hopes Disco knows, it’s that he never stopped making the department proud.

“Thanks for taking care of Pete,” Boyer said.

West Fargo Mayor Bernie Dardis declared Oct. 31 “Disco” Day. The West Fargo Police Department will soon have another canine to replace Disco.

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