Rink Report: UND Expects Physical Game Against Western Michigan

Western Michigan has dropped four of its last five games

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — One of head coach Brad Berry’s biggest critiques after Saturday’s loss to Miami was his teams’ level of physicality. That’s going to need to elevate even more this weekend as the Hawks get ready to face an extremely physical Western Michigan squad.

“Oh yeah, we joke about it in the room we know it’s going to be a tough game, especially when you’re in their barn, but I know it’s going to be a little different game here,” junior defenseman Andrew Peski said. “They’re a hard, heavy team. I think their average weight is just over 200 pounds, so you can definitely feel it when you’re getting thrown into the glass.”

Peski says a physical, black-and-blue type game against the Black and Gold not only gets the fans involved, but has also been the norm at North Dakota for years.

“Those soft games where everyone’s just cruising around, you don’t get into as much,” Peski said. “I mean, a hard hit the crowd gets into it, they’re behind you, they’re cheering. I love it. Physical games, its North Dakota hockey, it’s our culture, it’s been like that since the early days.”

“A typical Western Michigan team, a big hard heavy team that comes in and plays fast and they like to jump on the offense,” head coach Brad Berry explained. “They’ve got some very good forwards and defenders that get up in the play a little bit and they’re very similar to what we do as far as playing the game. We like to try and grind it out in the offensive zone and we like to try and play hard, heavy hockey and I think it’s going to be two very similar teams playing against each other in our venue here.”

The Broncos have dropped four of their last five games.

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