People Try Their City’s Unique Flavors at “Taste of West Fargo Art Social”

This year marks the first time the city's food and art events were combined into one

WEST FARGO, N.D. — When Frank Clemens and his team at Flatland Brewery was looking for a place to set up shop two years ago, something special drew them to West Fargo.

“When we approached the city when we wanted to start up, they were just excited that we were there and they wanted to do whatever they could to help us out, so right in our little area on Bluestem, we talk with each other and frequent each other’s establishments,” Clemens said.

That cohesiveness among local businesses is on full display at the hub of the city they serve.

“A bunch of different restaurants, they bring some samples for people to try, and so this year – we usually have it in the fall – but this year, we decided to move it to the winter and combine it with our art social event so it’s kind of just going to be a celebration of arts and food and drinks throughout the entire West Fargo area,” said Ellen Rossow, the Communications and Community Service Coordinator with the City of West Fargo.

There are eight different businesses being represented at the Taste of West Fargo art social, and with options ranging from pizza to sandwiches, it’s really easy for people to have their cake and eat it too.

As more people move to West Fargo, some say it’s important to put their city’s true culinary talents on display.

“We have a lot of different, diverse people and restaurants and other businesses so it’s really great to celebrate all the different things, and bring the residents here and share what we have to offer,” Rossow said.

For the business community, coming together to showcase their strengths symbolizes their unity in a growing city.

“We’re all kind of in the same boat. It’s a busy time for local businesses in December, and just to get out have a good time and relax and just enjoy,” said Kenda Kirklewski, the Catering Manager for Spitfire.

Local photographer Dave Samson’s work is featured at this year’s art social.

His photography will be displayed throughout West Fargo’s city hall.

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