Funds from New Beer Called “Resilience IPA” Will Benefit Camp Fire Victims

The Sierra Nevada Brewing Company came up with the recipe

FARGO, N.D. — There’s a new beer at Fargo Brewing Company, and all money made from it will go towards a good cause.

The recipe for “Resilience IPA” was written by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.

Over a thousand breweries across the country are offering it and donating 100 percent of the sales to victims of the Camp Fire in California.

The beer is only sold in pints for $6 each.

“Anytime you see a chance to help somebody out, even if it’s in the most minute way, and it’s actually in your power to do it, I don’t think anybody should pass up on the opportunity. It wasn’t putting us out anything, it just seemed like the right thing to do,” brewer Sean Dunnigan said.

Fargo Brewing Company will offer Resilience IPA until they sell out, and based on its popularity, they expect it to be gone by next week.

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