Truck Drivers Roll On Despite Freezing Temperatures

Some say the biggest key is to keep their truck warm at all times

FARGO, N.D. —┬áTruck drivers are doing their best to stay warm while driving through the frigid temperatures.

Several trucks filled the parking lots of rest stops across Fargo Tuesday morning.

Some say they have been taking extended breaks to avoid driving too long in the cold.

One driver says he’s been diligent about keeping his truck warm while he makes stops across the state.

He says trudging through the cold is miserable but he says it has to be done.

“It’s our job. Winter comes once a year, so it’s something you get used to over the years, and you just find ways to cope with it. It’s gotta get better from here on out, I hope,” said Shade Thomas, a truck driver.

Thomas says an effective way to keep trucks running smoothly through the cold is by routinely checking that the air brake lines are not frozen.

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