More Than 180 Fans Board Plane to Frisco to Cheer on the Bison

Many of them have gone to several championship games

FARGO, N.D. — With two days before the big game in Frisco, a plane full of Bison fans heads down to the Lone Star State.

181 Bison fans are going to see NDSU play Eastern Washington, and some describe it as taking one city to another.

“Everything is exciting down there. It’s like bringing the whole city of Fargo down to Frisco. Everywhere you go, it’s people in green and yellow,” Kindra Mahler said.

“It’s fun to see how our area takes this suburb of Dallas and turns it into their own mini city for about 3 days. It’s just great to walk around and see Bison fans all over the place,” Tod Ganje, group coordinator for Travel Incorporated, said.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that temperatures are expected to be in the 60’s down there.

“I really love Texas so I’m really excited about all of it. I’m really looking forward to the warm weather, escape from the cold,” Michaela Maynard said.

Some fans are looking forward to seeing how players like Easton Stick will do since it’s his last game. It’s also the last game for Coach Chris Klieman.

“My favorite part is just to see how the team outlasts everybody, so it’s kind of fun for me to watch the lines and see how much stronger they seem to get through the game compared to everybody else,” Ganje said.

“I think everyone brings something different to the table, we have new players every year, it’s fun to see some of these up-and-comers and seeing any of the veterans out on the field and how they’re doing,” Mahler said.

One fan says going to these games is such a tradition that three generations in her family have been going.

“I love to support my school. I have been going to Bison games since I was little. It’s something I’ve done with my family. I’m actually heading down there with my dad so it’s a really special experience for us to be able to share that. I’m heading down with my grandpa as well,” Maynard said.

Whether it’s someone’s first game or seventh, there’s no denying that everyone is excited.

“I think for a lot of these people they’ve done this time or two but the excitement doesn’t die down. That’s why they’re going again,” Mahler said.

“I’m hoping for a win,” Maynard said.

People on the flight have a package for a 3–night hotel stay and bus transportation when they get Frisco.

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