New Moorhead Mayor and City Council Members are Sworn In With Celebrations

"We're excited, we're pumped and we're open for business"

MOORHEAD, Minn. — After a busy election season and New Year’s celebrations, members of the Moorhead City Council are sworn in.

Take a look at what the mayor and his board members have to say about their new positions.

“We’re excited, we’re pumped and we’re open for business,” said Johnathan Judd, Moorhead’s new mayor.

The new Moorhead Mayor is ready to get going on new growth throughout the city.

“Making sure that, Mayor Williams had a really good rapport with the community so I think still strengthening that communication aspect with our citizens to give them a heads up on what’s coming up and getting their feedback on what they want to see,” Judd said.

But he isn’t the only one.

“It was exciting back in 2018, it’s going to be even more exciting in 2019. We got a lot of business growth we got a lot of new people coming in, the city is growing so sit back, hold tight, it’s going to be fun,” said Chuck Hendrickson, one of the new city council members with ward 4.

Chuck Hendrickson is starting off his second term on the city council, but he’s even more excited about this journey for his peers.

“It’s emotional. You got two new people taking the oath and they’re going to help serve their city and take care of the constituents and make the city grow so it’s a little emotional for me,” Hendrickson said.

Although they hold different positions, their views line up.

“We all kind of have the same mindset ya know community. Community is a big thing,” said Shelly Dahlquist, one of the new city council members with ward 1.

And those who live in Moorhead showed their appreciation for these new city leaders as they took their oath.

“Having people sitting here who in essence vouched and spoke highly of me is really humbling,” Judd said.

This is the first step to a fresh new start…

“Oh I’m very excited. There is a lot of us that know each other that are going to be on the city council,” Dahlquist said.

…and a continuation of all the hard work that’s already been done.

Council Member–Elect Deb White of ward three had a previous engagement and was not able to attend the swearing in ceremony.

She’ll take her oath of office later this month.

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