Piecing Together a Tradition: Moorhead Public Library Holds Puzzle Exchange

The exchange takes place days before National Puzzle Day

MOORHEAD, Minn. —¬†Moorhead Public Library is putting the pieces together on a new tradition.

People came to the library throughout the afternoon to drop off jigsaw puzzles and pick up some new ones as well.

Some of the puzzle collectors say this gives people more chances to take up the hobby.

Library workers had no idea their first ever puzzle exchange would be so popular.

“We were not expecting such a good turnout, we thought a lot of puzzles would be left here, so we’re glad so many people came in. We’ll probably keep them around, we’ll take donations too, and then people can bring in more and we’ll do more puzzle exchanges later in the year,” said Leigh Cameron, a Library Associate at Moorhead Public Library.

The library decided to hold the Puzzle Exchange ten days before National Puzzle Day, which is set to take place January 29.

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