Fargo Force Players Deliver Teddy Bears to Kids in Essentia & Sanford

Over 500 teddy bears were collected from the annual teddy bear toss game

FARGO, N.D. — Over 500 teddy bears collected from the Fargo Force’s annual teddy bear toss game were delivered to babies at the Essentia NICU and kids at the Sanford Children’s Hospital.

Tiffany Hovelson’s twins have been in the NICU for almost three months. She says it’s really meaningful that Fargo Force players came to deliver teddy bears.

“That’s really cute, we’re going to have quite the collection of teddy bears by the time we go home,” she said.

“I think it’s really special that we’re able to incorporate our fans that way and have them donate these teddy bears for the hockey game and obviously being here is super special seeing all the newborns and being able to deliver them little teddy bears is pretty sweet too,” AJ Drobot, Fargo Force forward, said.

For parents with babies in the NICU, teddy bears are also another source of comfort they have until they can take their little ones home.

“The stuffed animals, they just mean so much, especially because when they were first born I couldn’t hold them and everyone who gave us teddy bears, they gave them to me and said that when I felt like holding my baby I should hold their teddy bears so it just means a lot and they get to grow up with them,” Hovelson said.

“It puts things into perspective a little bit. It’s so nice being able to see them and obviously they’re a little young right now but multiple places we can go to it’s awesome to see the smiles you can put on these kids’ faces,” Drobot said.

Not only do the stuffed animals add some comfort for the kids in the hospital, but they also got to learn about more about the hockey team too.

“I’m a hockey fan, I like hockey, we watch Wild games a lot so it’s pretty cool to see all of them. I actually didn’t know what league [the Force is] in and stuff so it was pretty cool to learn, just talking to them how it is going from high school to college league,” Ian Crabtree, 13, said.

As for Hovelson’s little ones, “they’ve been getting better day by day, I’m excited for the day I get to take them home,” she said.

The teddy bear toss game took place on Jan. 11.

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