Rating the Super Bowl LIII Commercials

The company looks at the commercial's benefit, relevancy, and if the spot follows current trends

FARGO, N.D. – Super Bowl watchers eagerly wait each and every year for not just the game, but for the commercial breaks too.

“With a 30 second spot being almost 5 million dollars, there are such high stakes put on these TV spots that the worst thing you can do is have someone not remember your spot at all,” Flint Group Creative Director Dustin Olson said.

Olson looks at what benefit the commercial has on the brand, its relevancy, and if the spot follows current trends.

He gave the Hyundai and Doritos ads a thumbs up for bringing viewers something new and different.

“They tend to set the bar so high and then every year they come up with something completely different and also on point with being relevant with multiple audiences,” Olson said. “So, this year it was the nostalgia of the 90’s and Chance the Rapper.”

The Wix ad received a thumbs down because it followed too close to the company’s normal advertising approach.

“This is your opportunity to do something you normally don’t do, to go outside of the box and do something really different for your brand,” Olson said.

One viewer prefers the ads related to football, like the NFL 100th Year ad.

“I think the commercial needs to show something to what you’re looking at, the super bowl,” Rolando Vasquez said.

Olson was surprised by the lack of commercials relating to politics and the numerous commercials relating to…

“I noticed the common theme of artificial intelligence and robots in several spots and how the human element can’t be replaced in all situations,” Olson said.

Flint Group also gave the Avocados from Mexico ad a thumbs up.

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