Rink Report: North Dakota Hockey Stays Positive Despite Adversity

The Fighting Hawks are off until February 15

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — It’s that time of the season for a well deserved break for North Dakota hockey as they head into the bye weekend. While it is the perfect opportunity to get some rest, the team will also spend plenty of time at the rink.

“It’s kind of a week to take off and recover,” junior forward Zach Yon said. “This time of the year we kind of have some injuries going on and bodies get a little bit worn out, but we are still on the ice everyday staying sharp. The theme of this season has been putting pucks in the net, so I think that is something we have been working on this week.”

UND will look to regroup during their time off, as they work to improve on a season that hasn’t exactly gone as planned. Despite those hardships, the team remains positive and encouraged by the people around them.

“It’s us 26 guys that are focused on one goal and I think the coaches and all of us are buying in. We’re believing in ourselves,” Yon said.

“If people would take a look at our locker room and the group of guys we have in there, staff included, they’d see that on the daily, we are doing the right things,” freshman forward Jasper Weatherby said. “And if you can look at yourself in the mirror after a hard day of work and say¬† ‘I did everything I can,’ then frustration really shouldn’t be a part of your game.”

For some inspiration on how to deal with some of the adversity they have faced, the Fighting Hawks turned to another team that’s been in the media lately.

“We saw the Patriots and they won the Superbowl and coach talked about that in the locker room. Their run to the championship wasn’t perfect, but when people look back at their season, they are Superbowl Champions and that is the only thing people are going to remember,” Weatherby said.

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