Family Fare Floral Shop Helps Hope Blooms To Spread Message of Joy

Hope Blooms was created two years ago by founder Kelly Krenzel in her basement

FARGO, N.D. — Just getting a bouquet of flowers can turn someone’s day around.

With every joyous or sad occasion comes the many flowers you’ll see on display.

When Justin Ellenson’s mother passed away a month ago, his family didn’t know what to do with the extra bouquets.

“We were standing around and we were handing out arrangements to family and we had two arrangements left, one being the casket spray,” he said.

That’s when his cousin told him about Hope Blooms, a non–profit that takes old flower donations and turns them into new sets for people in nursing homes, hospitals or for anyone else just needing help smiling.

“Rather than throwing them away, I thought this would be perfect opportunity. She worked in healthcare and I thought this would be a great way to honor her memory and spread some joy to others in the community who are similar to people who she had served,” Ellenson said.

But he didn’t stop there.

He told his coworker and Family Fare Floral Manager Kelly Shellito about the cause and she instantly felt the urge to give back too.

“Even when people say they’re not a ‘flower person,’ everyone enjoys getting flowers. There’s something about it even if you don’t think you’d care about it. There’s just something that really brightens your day and make you feel so loved,” Shellito said.

But getting these flowers does more than provide a smile. It also shares a story.

“Even when I’m training new people, I tell them ‘look at that bouquet you just did there. That’s about to be in a wedding for someone else. It’s got a story and that’s the coolest part about floral.”

So Shellito filled her cart with plenty of some colorful stories and is ready to pass them on to Hope Blooms, which was created two years ago.

“It’s a life changing moment to hand someone these bouquets. Just the joy and the light you see in their eyes kind of respark, it’s very hard to put into words but a lot of the time I feel like my cup is overflowing when I leave these facilities,” said Robyn Gatz, Hope Blooms operations assistant and joymaker.

“The psychology of it is things that can bloom make you feel like you can bloom where you’re planted,” Shellito said.

While it can’t bloom forever, it’s the colors, smells and the thoughtfulness that makes an everlasting impact.

Hope Blooms founder Kelly Krenzel started her non–profit in her basement.

Aside from flowers, Hope Blooms is always looking for day–to–day supply donations like mason jars, twine and garbage bags.

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