Bethany Retirement Living Serves Up Soup to Support Residents

The proceeds support the community's Auxiliary Program

FARGO, N.D. —┬áBethany Retirement Living served up several different flavors of soup as part of their annual “Soup of the Day” celebration.

People could taste a variety of homemade soups made by employees, family members of those living in the community, and volunteers from local churches.

Bread was also provided by Great Harvest Bread Company.

Some say bringing a variety of different soups and opening the doors to anyone to try them is one of the best ways to bring everybody together.

“Everybody enjoys soup, especially on a cold winter day, and it’s a great time for the residents to get together with other people from outside the community as well as their family members come in, and it’s a great opportunity to help raise money for our Auxiliary which comes back to the residents,” said Maren Johnson, the Director of Resident Life at Bethany Retirement Living.

Some of the ways the Auxiliary looks to help the community members are through purchasing newspaper subscriptions and buying Wii games for them to play.

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