Local Artists Present Abstract Mannequin Exhibit at West Acres

This 1,000 square foot exhibit is called Morph II and it's a way for 25 local artists to showcase their work

FARGO, N.D. – Walking around West Acres Mall, you might see an entire section filled with painted mannequin pieces.

This 1,000 square foot exhibit is called Morph II and it’s a way for 25 local artists to showcase their work.

“We wanted visibility and we also wanted scale and West Acres is the place to get both with the throngs of people and the size of the facility, we just knew it would be fun,” artist and business consultant Carol Schlossman said.

The exhibit features more than 70 recycled mannequin pieces.

Cartoons from the 1940’s, dancers, and the circus each played a role in the design of the overall exhibit.

“I have a very vivid imagination so my imagination took me,” artist and designer Hugo Sarmiento said. “The pieces took me where I was supposed to go.”

“Hugo had a garage full,” artist Marjorie Schlossman said. “He was sick of looking at them. They were taking up too much space and he told me about it.”

The artists are from Plains School of Abstract Painting.

They each worked on their pieces individually to avoid any type of similarity.

“I wanted very different pieces,” Marjorie Schlossman said. “I wanted everybody to work at home so that they would not see what other people were doing and be influenced.”

But when the pieces came together…

“Is just over the top, exciting, and the quality of these pieces are phenomenal,” Carol Schlossman said.

Most of the artists are used to canvas painting.

Carol, who calls herself an evolving artist, says it was intimidating at first.

“Some are evolving artists and some are professional artists,” Carol Schlossman said. “It’s the creative minds in a very safe environment that has really encouraged a lot of people to bloom and blossom.”

This exhibit will be available at West Acres through mid-May.

You can hear from the artists, listen to live music, and watch live art at the exhibit on March 23rd.

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