F-M Community Preps Roads for 23rd Annual St. Patrick’s Parade

The LinkFM circulator will be available to transport parade-goers

MOORHEAD– The F-M area is getting the streets prepped and ready to go for the 23rd Annual St. Patrick’s Parade.

“We are working with Moorhead Public Works as well as Fargo Public Works to make sure that all of the snow is removed from the roads as well as the sidewalks, so it’s safe for parade–goers as well people participating in the parade,” Downtown Community Partnership event coordinator Katelin Madsen said.

For those of you wanting to avoid the headaches of parking downtown, MATBUS has a free option for parade-goers.

The LinkFM circulator will be available starting at 9am and again at 1 to transport people back to their vehicles after the parade.

The Fargo transit director says every full bus of parade-goers takes 50 cars off of the roads.

“Getting on the circulator for free, I mean it makes a lot of sense,” City of Fargo transit director Julie Bommelman said. “It takes you right to the front row really and you don’t have to worry about anything really. You’re getting on a warm bus. You’re getting off a warm bus. You have to stand outside during the parade but it’s a great option.”

The transit director suggests parking at the Moorhead Center Mall on either the east side of the building or inside the ramp.

The parade goes from 11am-1pm on Saturday.

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