F-M Visitors Bureau Highlights Local Travel Trends at Annual Awards Luncheon

Lots of meetings and sports tournaments are held in the F-M area

FARGO, N.D. — The F-M Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) held their annual meeting and awards luncheon to highlight trends in the local tourism industry.

The CVB says the F–M area has been growing rapidly over the past few years, with one hundred more hotel rooms in the area than there were last year. That brings the total number of hotel rooms to over 5,700. The Visitors Bureau says there are plenty of visitors to fill those rooms.

“Obviously we don’t have a lot of straight–up tourism in the winter, but that doesn’t mean the meetings industry goes away, and frankly the hotels are full a lot in the winter with all the sports tournaments that come here,” Charley Johnson, president/CEO of the F-M CVB, said.

“We have the capability and the means necessary, especially with three large full service hotels, to bring these big conventions here. We can do it. Brings people to Fargo and check out how awesome the city is,” Ashley LaCourse, VP of sales and Brandt Hospitality Group, said.

The CVB gave out several awards for organizations that have promoted tourism in the F–M area. They highlighted future goals like advocating for a convention space and campaigning for more Canadian tourism. They’re also trying to get more investment in tourism marketing.

“Tourism is really a form of economic development. Probably a very pure form of it, all the things we promote, to bring tourists here are really many of the same things that economic development chambers promote to try to get people to move here and live here and start businesses here,” Johnson said.

Those who work with the tourism board say it’s the people that make the F–M area a special place.

“I think it’s one of those small towns but it’s big. There’s still a lot of fun that’s going on. Everybody helps each other out, help the neighbor, that’s what I was really drawn to, it’s just a lot of fun seeing how people are able to have each other’s back,” LaCourse said.

“Anything that lifts tourism lifts the whole state,” Johnson said.

The CVB has a “Best for Last” Club, which is designed for people who visit North Dakota last when traveling to all fifty states.

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