Jasmine Block Describes Being Kidnapped, Multiple Murder Attempts on Dr. Phil

Courtesy: Dr. Phil/CBS Television Distribution

Jasmine Block describes the 29 days she was held captive in the Alexandria area on Doctor Phil.

She says she was lured from her home by her best friend’s father, Thomas Barker and taken to his home in Carlos.

Block says Barker and Steven Powers, tried to kill her six times.

They put the 15-year-old in a duffel bag and tried to drown her multiple times.

She says Powers stabbed her, Barker tried to hang her and both men sexually assaulted her.

Jasmine says Barker’s wife and mother came to the house, but didn’t see her.

One day police came to the door after Jasmine says Thomas stole things. The officer did not see or hear the girl.

The men later put her in a duffel bag and moved her to a foreclosed home in Grant County.

The day she escaped, the men left her in their truck alone. After five minutes, Jasmine says she knew it was her chance to escape.

“And I started swimming across the lake. That’s when I saw Earl’s house, the guy who saved me. He wasn’t home, so I started running through a cornfield and then I opened his door and I’m like ‘Call 911. I’m Jasmine Block and I got kidnapped,'” Block explained.

Jasmine said while waiting to go to the hospital, she saw Barkers’ car go by. She pointed out the vehicle and police tracked the men down and arrested them.

Jasmine said she had the courage to escape because she knew many people were watching her from heaven. Before she was kidnapped, her friend died and her father passed the next day. Days after that her sister’s friend died.

“I had faith they would all help me,” Block said.

Thomas Barker was sentenced to nearly 24 years in prison. Powers was sentenced to eight-and-a-half years. Joshua Holby, who showed up after a few weeks, was sentenced to eight years

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