Flood Fight 2019: Argusville Mayor Declares State of Emergency, Asking Community Members to Clear Culverts

The city previously had flooding in 2009, 2010 and 2011

ARGUSVILLE, N.D. — Mayor Darren Wetzel declares a state of emergency ahead of flooding expected this spring. He says this is a flood fight all about the city’s preparedness.

“You can’t assume the best when things can go bad,” Wetzel said.

The state of emergency is meant to keep Argusville eligible for state and federal funding if it needs it in the future. Fargo, Harwood and Moorhead have already done the same.

Wetzel says Argusville already has between 5,000 and 6,000 sandbags on hand in addition to all the equipment they’ll need to stay ready.

He also says many improvements have been made in the city since flooding in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

One of them included raising a dike that was 18 inches lower than one right next it.

“We did a project several years ago to bring that area of dike up to the proper elevation. In addition, the county did a project over by Richwood Estates that was supposed to take some of the flow off of the south side  of the ditch and put it into the north side of the ditch,” Wetzel said.

167th Avenue by Richwood Estates was also raised and paved since 2009, acting as a dike for the properties near it.

But Wetzel says staying prepared also comes with a team effort.

“We’d like our residents to dig out the inlets and outlets of the culverts and we’d like the county to possibly come out there and try digging out some inlets and outlets of the culverts as well. If we can get the culverts opened up, we’re confident the drainage will go a lot smoother,” Wetzel said.

Argusville Fire Chief Randy Teberg is also sending a message as the snow continues to melt over the next few weeks.

“If any residents can come and volunteer and as much as they can stay off the roads if the roads are closed, stay off the roads. If we need to get out in an emergency and have to get around cars, it’s going to be impossible,” Teberg said.

Argusville city officials say if anyone has any questions or concerns, they should contact the city auditor.

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