“2019 Flood Survival Kits” Sold at Fargo Liquor Store

FARGO, N.D. – A Fargo liquor shop might have just what you need to get you through the flood.

Bernie’s Wines and Liquors on University Drive has a sign saying “2019 Flood Survival Kits Sold Here.” The manager says they wanted to come up with something funny to put up. Usually they try to post humorous things on their Facebook page.

The so-called kit includes nothing more than, you guessed it, liquor.

“Just something that’s stressful for the community just a little laugh out of it I guess. There is no kit, some assembly required I guess. Just come in a pick out whatever you need,” Bernie’s Liquor General Manager Andrew Dekrey said.

The store manager says the sign will probably still up until the end of the flood. He says more people have been asking about it than expected.

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