Educators Learn About Improving Students’ Well-Being at Healthy Schools Summit

There were activities that help educators understand the emotions students go through

FARGO, N.D. — Being healthy is about so much more than just the physical. At the Healthy Schools Summit, educators learn about improving students’ well–being.

The theme of the summit is “Head to Toe, Inside and Out: Educating the Whole Child.” Educators learn about everything from grant writing to vaping to physical activity.

“We have had an increase in vaping and getting kids up and moving outside of school. We have very active classrooms and teachers but help that go to kids’ home lives is very important,” Alyssa Albrecht, a PE teacher at Barnes County North, said.

Not only were teachers in attendance, but there were other professionals like food service directors and support staff.

“What are some one to three steps participants can take back and have that success happening in their building? So it doesn’t seem like it’s this lofty goal that might not happen but what can we do tomorrow to have this happen overtime,” Keely Ihry, health and wellness coordinator for the South East Education Cooperative, said.

Organizers say it’s important to consider the wide range of backgrounds of students and social emotional learning.

“Across the communities nowadays there’s such a much more broad level of diversity from the physical, cognitive, social, and sensory abilities of the youth that are coming through our doors,” Nate Hendrickson, director of special needs at TNT Kid’s Fitness, said.

Educators do exercises that help them understand some of the emotions students might go through.

One of the activities was to be intertwined with someone else, and they have to work through the process of untangling themselves.

“I want them to feel frustration. Anxious, nervous, confused, because those are the learners that are in our classrooms,” Hendrickson said.

He says communication and considering guidelines are key for working through challenges.

“My goal is to help support them through that emotion. If you believe in me, I’m going to work you through it,” he said.

This is the ninth year the Healthy Schools Summit has been held.

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