Red River Valley Celebrates World Autism Awareness Day By Going Blue

North Dakota's Autism Center will also have festivities on April 12

WEST FARGO, N.D. — While many are only celebrating World Autism Awareness Day, North Dakota’s Autism Center also plans to have festivities next Friday.

The Autism Center’s “AuSome Evening” will be at the Hilton Garden Inn at 5:30 to celebrate the success of the kids who attend the center. But that doesn’t mean there are no celebrations today. Staff and children who attend the center are all wearing blue and the building will also be lit in blue at 8:00.

“It’s wonderful to share this experience with everyone and to be able to have these children around to brighten our life is great and so just remember that everyone has awesome abilities,” said Darcy Kasprowicz, with the North Dakota Autism Center.

The center’s “AuSome Evening” will also raise money for the its Awesome Kids Day program, which helps kids with autism further develop their life and communication skills.

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