Cass County Uses Emergency Flood Measures to Close Roads

The county closed a number of roads overnight on Monday

CASS COUNTY– Cass County is continuing to take emergency measures by blocking off roads and bridges.

The county closed a number of roads overnight on Monday.

County employees and members of the National Guard are seeing a lot of overland flooding both north and west of Harwood and east of Argusville.

A Cass County engineer asks people who are traveling north of Fargo to plan for an alternative route and to check road conditions beforehand.

“I think the big message is people are going to be isolated along both the Red River and the Sheyenne River and the overland flooding so people just need to be prepared for changing conditions,” Cass County engineer Jason Benson said.

Benson expects the closures to last through the weekend.

The county is urging people to pay attention to roads only meant for local traffic and to not drive around barricades or through water.

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