Does Fargo Live Up to Its Sixth Happiest City Ranking Considering the Weather?

The WalletHub study looks at well-being, employment, and community involvement

FARGO, N.D. — A WalletHub study names Fargo the sixth happiest city in the nation. But with essentially six months of winter weather and spring flooding, are people surprised by the ranking?

The study looks at emotional and physical well–being, income and employment, and community and involvement.

“With happiness, there’s a lot of other factors that can be included, such as our quality of thoughts, what are we doing to take care of ourselves, and how are staying connected with other people,” Lindsey Kringlie, a counselor at the Village Family Service Center, said.

That sense of community certainly sticks out to people in the city, who say while the weather isn’t great to deal with, it doesn’t hinder their happiness.

“I think a lot of people move here because of the great community, and also even if they move away a lot of people end up moving back here because they have family, friends, and the connections you can build in Fargo is one of the best parts of the community,” Kelsey Knutson said.

The weather can also be a connecting factor, as it’s something people can bond over. Isolation isn’t good for mental health, especially when it’s gloomy out.

“People can say, ‘hey, this isn’t so great but what can we do to make the most out of it?’ It’s unexpected, but one thing that’s really great about the community is people are very supportive of each other. It’s not abnormal to say, ‘hey, I’m not feeling so great, the weather’s bringing me down,’ so talking to somebody can be very helpful,” Kringlie said.

“A lot people here really find joy in what they do when it comes to their occupation,” Knutson said.

Experts say the cognitive triangle shows the way you think influences the way you feel and behave. If there’s something you don’t necessarily like, thinking of positive aspects of the situation will in turn change the way you feel and do things.

Some tips to stay happier when it’s not so nice out are to eat a wide range of healthy foods, self–care, exercise, or watching a feel–good movie. If you’re traveling, leave plenty of time to get there.

“Of course this winter’s been very long, it does get old, but I think people appreciate the nice weather so much more,” Knutson said.

The happiest city on the WalletHub list is Plano, Texas. There are 182 cities ranked.

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