Global Fashion Movement Comes to F-M Area for the First Time

Fashion Revolution Week was sparked by the 2013 Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh

FARGO, N.D. — Six years ago today, the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh killed more than one thousand garment workers.

That brought the working conditions of garment workers to the forefront and sparked the global Fashion Revolution. The movement is focused on changing the way clothes are sourced.

“A lot of people think it’s done by machines. That’s actually not true. Each piece of clothing that anyone is wearing right now has been touched by human hands,” Danyel Moe, an organizer for Fashion Revolution FM, said.

This is the first time the Fashion Revolution has been brought to the F–M area.

“We all wear clothes. We all need to be conscious of where we’re purchasing our clothes, who is making our clothes, the impact that it’s having on the world,” Anna Lee, creative director at Workerby Studio, said.

Advocates are asking for more accountability in the industry and want to make sure no one dies for other people look good.

“We need to be taking care of those people, even just in our mindset, we need to be thinking about the impact we have on those people,” Sarah Peltier, manager at the store Others, said.

Organizers say one of the ways you can make a difference is to look for sustainable materials when shopping for clothes. You can also buy local and look for the certified fair trade clothes.

“It used to be very expensive to try to get these types of clothing, but now because it’s becoming something we’re all looking for and wanting, it’s actually a lot more accessible,” Peltier said.

It may be easier to go with what’s considered “fast fashion,” but the industry is always changing.

“Just like any other fashion trend, it’s going to evolve. More and more people are raising awareness on this and it’s becoming less and less acceptable. I think with any other fashion trend this will change too,” Lee said.

Others will be having an ethical fashion pop-up event at 5 p.m. tomorrow, April 25.

All of the store’s profits are donated to local and global causes.

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