Jacob Wetterling Documentary to Hold Trailer Release Party in Fargo

The director and producers of a Jacob Wetterling documentary need your help finishing the film.

You can chip in on GoFundMe or at a trailer release parties in the Midwest including one at Kilstone Brewing in Fargo on May 14th.

“This is an opportunity to show what we’re fighting for. What was the world that Jacob knew and believed in? Because I refuse to let that go,” Jacob’s mother Patty Wetterling said in a video on the documentary’s GoFundMe page.

“What inspires me is just how this occurred during this, sort of, cultural shift in parenting. How our childhoods were different back then. And, of course the resilience of the Wetterling family and all the good work that’s been done in Jacob’s name,” Director Chris Newberry said.

For the list of trailer release parties and to buy tickets, click here.

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