Early Morning Fire Demolishes Casselton Auto Repair Shop Garage

Crews arrived after 5:30 this morning to a fire at Gordy's Service Center

CASSELTON, N.D.– Fire crews, ambulances, and law enforcement responded after 5:30 this morning to a fire at the garage of Gordy’s Service Center in Casselton.

Firefighters from Casselton, Buffalo, West Fargo, and Mapleton worked to put the fire out.

“The roof collapsed and the east wall appears like it’s bowing out so I see that’s going to collapse,” Casselton Fire Chief Tim McLean said.

Fortunately, there was no one in the building at the time the fire broke out.

One firefighter was taken away in an ambulance to Essentia in Fargo.

His minor injuries are from tripping and falling at the fire hall before the fire.

Chief McLean says the building is a total loss.

“The rest of the structure is going to be heavy heat damage and smoke damage to the rest of it,” Chief Mclean said.

Access to the gas station next to the service station was blocked for a few hours during the fire fight.

“If we can limit that traffic a little bit so we can get our vehicles in and out as we keep the fire contained,” Cass County Sheriff Jesse Jahner said. “We are asking for people to stay away from this area while we continue to work here just so we can get everything under control. There is no danger to anyone else in the community so people can go about their normal business.”

Investigators hope to determine a cause within the next few days.


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