WFFD Launches EMS Bike Program to Better Respond to Emergencies at Big Events

Bikes are equipped with bags with supplies for traumatic injuries and tools for opening a persons's airway

WEST FARGO, N.D. — West Fargo Fire Department launches its new EMS bike program that will make it easier to respond to emergencies at large events.

“With the increase in population, with the density of the crowd, we know it’s going to happen,” Chief Dan Fuller said.

Responding on bikes is already common for EMT’s and police officers, but West Fargo is the first fire department in the state to adopt the EMS bike program.

Firefighters work in teams of two. Each bike has supplies for traumatic injuries and tools for opening a person’s airway.

The National Fire Protection Association has guidelines on what emergency help will be available at large, organized events.

“We know the limiting factors are you can’t get people into crowds unless you’re already there. You can’t get through crowds with a vehicle, it’s just pretty much impossible. With high traffic areas you’re going to have a delayed response. We know those limitations are things that are already against us,” Fuller said.

Because of those limitations, bikes turned out to be the best option.

The department, along with help from several sponsors, funded the program. Firefighters will go through 40 hours of training.

“There are four intents that I have for the department. One of them is to be innovative with the way we provide services, and one is to be expeditious in the way we provide services, and this meets both of those intents,” Fuller said.

People will see the bikes at events like Cruise Night and West Fest.

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