Fargo’s Red River Spring Market Allows Local Producers & Companies To Meet Customers

FARGO, N.D. – This weekend’s Red River Spring Market is a chance to get rid of those winter blues by checking out some of our area growers and retailers.

Local vendors are gearing up to bring the Fargo-Moorhead community a taste of something you can’t always find at a big-box store.

“There is so much for learning about how important local food is for our health and well-being but it is fun to be able to develop a relationship with a local producer or grower,” Red River Market Organizer Joe Burgum said.

Every one of the 40-plus vendors participating in this year’s Red River spring market is from this region. This makes it a 100% local experience.

“When you’re buying your meat or your eggs or your produce and you can see the person across the table and come back every week, it’s a fun way to build community,” Burgum explained.

It’s an event that will sit right outside of the Prairie Roots Food Co-op.

The vendors have products ranging from food and drink to art pieces and hand-made crafts. One vendor, who was at last year’s spring market, says it’s an opportunity to meet customers face-to-face.

“It’s kind of fun to get reacquainted and to see all of the local people selling local products all in one place,” Lisa Cook with 4e Winery said.

Sunrise Salmon is a first-time vendor at the spring market.

“I’m looking forward to getting to know other vendors and getting to know more people in the Fargo-Moorhead area and to be able to connect them to the fishermen and the food source,” Stephanie Schmidt with Sunrise Salmon said.

Farmers like Sam Rydell, whose products help stock the store every day, is happy spring market-goers can see what’s inside as well.

“I think it’s just so enjoyable to interact with community members, whether that’s at the market or here just shopping,” Local Farmer Sam Rydell said.

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