VP Mike Pence Coming To Glyndon, MN Thursday

GLYNDON, Minn. – (AP) White House officials say Vice President Mike Pence plans to visit Minnesota to talk with farmers and steelworkers about the status of a trade deal with Mexico and Canada.

Pence is scheduled to begin his day Thursday at R & J Johnson Farms in Glyndon. Officials say he will tour the facility and talk to producers about how the new trade deal will benefit Minnesota.

Later Thursday Pence plans to stop at a St. Paul steel mill. Officials say he will tour the Gerdau Ameristeel plant and give a speech to employees.

The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA, still needs congressional approval. Mexican officials have said the deal could fall part of the U.S. Congress does not ratify it this year.

Minnesota DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin issued a statement on Pence’s visit to Minnesota.

“I’d like to remind Vice President Pence that the majority of Minnesotans did not vote for him and do not support his tariffs that are devastating to our farmers, his massive giveaway to the rich disguised as a tax bill, or his efforts to take away our health care.”

“Minnesotans pride ourselves on being open, welcoming, and hospitable. Pence’s recklessness and cruelty are anathema to our values, as is his legacy of homophobia and discrimination. DFLers will continue working around the clock to ensure that Mike Pence is a one-term Vice President.”

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