Fargo College Student Starts Clothing Line to Spread Kindness

Emma Bartelson got the idea after starting an Instagram page for thrift shopping

FARGO, N.D. — A college sophomore is doing the most Fargo thing ever: spreading some kindness.
But she’s using clothing to do it.

Emma Bartelson started an Instagram page last June called “Happyfindz” after everyone kept asking her where she found such great thrift store finds. With more than 7,000 followers, Bartelson has now started a clothing line with one goal in mind: remind people to be kind to one another. She says the feedback has also been nothing but positive when people see the shirts that say “just be nice” and “choose joy.”

“It’s so easy to be a nice person but I find that’s it’s sort of a rare trait to have. I think it’s so cool that you can have the capability to make someone’s day and that could be easily by wearing a t-shirt and making someone smile. I just want the value of my shop to come out in a simple saying like that,” Bartelson said.

Bartelson says her positivity campaign can be a lot between her part-time job and schoolwork, but it’s all worth it to make other people feel good.

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