Northern Red River Valley Holds Memorial Service for Fallen Law Enforcement Officers

The event was held as a part of Police Week

GRAND FORKS, N.D. —¬†Officials at the event say this year, 42 law enforcement members throughout the country have lost their lives while on the job.

Their brothers and sisters of the Northern Red River Valley are making sure to honor those men and women and the many others who have fallen before them with a Memorial Service.

“It’s a huge reality check I think for a lot of us,” Grand Forks County Sheriff Andrew Schneider said. “Sometimes, even law enforcement officers, we can get content in our day to day work and all of a sudden, an event like this comes along and it really makes you respect your position a lot, plus the ones that went before you.”

Law enforcement from all over the region came to pay their respects. Representatives from Local and State law enforcement from North Dakota and Minnesota, the Air Force and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are all in attendance.

“We have all gotten along and worked together for years and years,” retired law enforcement officer Gary Grove said. “When we lose a fellow officer, a brother or sister, we become one tight knit group of family and we are there to help each other.”

“To see how important it is region wide, including Canada, coming all the way down for this, it really means a lot. We are a brotherhood, we are a family, and this event just fortifies that even more,” says Schneider.

The Memorial service, which is open to the public, falls during Police Week, where people around the country are encouraged to celebrate those who serve in uniform.

This event and this entire week serves as a reminder to honor those who have fallen and continue to be grateful for those who are still serving.

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