Small Business Administration Brings Federal Agencies to Local Entrepreneurs

The Small Business Innovation Research tour goes across the country

FARGO, N.D. — Small businesses may have a hard time getting funding for projects.

The Small Business Administration brought resources to about 75 entrepreneurs in Fargo.

The Small Business Innovation Research tour brings representatives from over a dozen federal agencies like the Department of Energy and National Science Foundation to cities across the country.

Each agency has grant money set aside for local projects.

“There are people around the country that are pushing the boundaries of next generation R and D technologies, but don’t always know the process of how to get involved and apply,” Brittany Sickler with the SBA said.

“It’s an expensive, time–consuming process for a small business to figure out, ‘how would I get to Washington, how would I make the appointments?'” John Cosgriff, manager of the NDSU Tech Incubator, said.

The tour came to Fargo for the first time in 2015.

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