Fargo Food Tours Gives People a Taste of the Metro’s Booming Food Scene

There will also be a coffee crawl, craft beer tour, and tastes of the world tour

FARGO, N.D. — For a taste of Fargo’s booming food scene, there’s a new tour letting you sample the flavors of the metro.

Fargo Food Tours takes people to iconic local businesses, like Sandy’s, The Boiler Room, and Wurst Bier Hall.

Founder Meghan Battest says locals often bring their family and friends from out of state.

While people are eating their way around Fargo, they’ll also learn about some of the area’s history.

“I think Fargo could use a lot more experiences that people can come in, they can hang out with a local, they can learn a little about the city. I think it could become a place people do want to visit, so I’m hoping with something like this, it’ll bring more people in, have a memory they can take back and say, ‘yeah you should go to Fargo and do one of the food tours,'” Battest said.

Fargo Food Tours will also be adding a coffee crawl, craft beer tour and a tastes of the world tour.

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