Seven-Year-Old “Mighty” Myles Gets Honor Award While Battling Cancer

He was diagnosed when he was three

WEST FARGO, N.D. — Try to measure bravery.

“He just keeps on going no matter how hard or difficult it is and that’s what our police officers do,” said Nikki Anderson, Aurora Elementary School counselor.

You’ll find 7-year-old Myles Allen is one of the mightiest.

“We found a hero right here at Aurora Elementary,” said West Fargo police chief Heith Janke.

“It’s beautiful. It’s really beautiful,” said Myles’ mom Monique.

It was anything but that four years ago.

“I looked at the doctor and thought ‘he hasn’t even learned his colors, he doesn’t even know how to write his name, what are we going to do,” Monique said.

At three, Myles wouldn’t understand.

“He doesn’t know that he has a life threatening disease,” Monique said.

Stage Four neuroblastoma has put Myles through three relapses, 20 radiation treatments and immunotherapy. That much time in the hospital can take its toll.

“You look out the window and you can see a beautiful day and everyone’s about their business. You’re kind of enclosed in a room, where there isn’t anybody other than you and your kid who’s laying on a hospital bed wishing and wanting more,” Monique said.

Last week, Myles’ mother got that wish for her son as West Fargo Police escorted him from school to Rendezvous Park to his home.

A few sirens are now turning into screaming children with shirts hoping to also inspire.

“Iron Man is his favorite hero and these are kind of Iron Man colors and Mighty Myles just kind of clicked. Even parents have bought them from these kids, they don’t know him,” Anderson said.

“Oh that makes me want to cry,” Monique said.

And tears turning into cheers, as Myles gets an honor award from West Fargo’s finest.

“It kind of just restores that strength within us and to know, we got this.”

If everyone else can fight with him, so can the one and only “Mighty” Myles.

Lend A Hand wrote Myles’ family a check for $5,100. Aurora Elementary held a benefit for Allen and his family in February. They raised $54,000.

Myles and his family will head to New York next so he can receive treatment that his mom says will hopefully “defeat the cancer for good.”

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