Kids Learn to Stay Safe in the Pool at Fargo Park District’s Water Safety Day

There is a new swim test policy

FARGO, N.D. — Before jumping straight into the pool this summer, make sure you and your kids are keeping safety top of mind.

The Fargo Park District is teaching children to stay safe in the pool at Water Safety Day.

There are plenty of things to enjoy at the pool, but don’t dive in too quickly.

“Know your strengths and weaknesses, know the body of water you’re going in, swim with at least a friend, especially if you’re in one of those pools that doesn’t have lifeguards,” Dave Klundt, assistant director of programming and facilities for Fargo Park District, said.

All of the pools in Fargo have lifeguards, but adults should still keep an eye on their kids, because those looking over the pool have a lot of children to keep track of.

Staff members say getting kids enrolled in swim lessons is a great way to keep them safe.

One of the techniques the kids are learning is the “throw, don’t go” strategy. That means if you see someone struggling in water, throw out a floatation device to them, instead of going in yourself.

A thousand-plus kids are learning across four Fargo Park District pools.

Water Safety Day has been happening for three years now, and staff say it’s especially important with the report of a possible drowning last night.

“Tragic things can happen really quickly in pools. If you’re performing and understanding those safety tips, they’re less likely to happen,” Klundt said.

The Park District has a new swim test policy where people have to be able to swim from one side of the pool to the other. If they can’t, they’ll be given a life jacket. Those who pass will get a green wristband. Kids won’t be tested in shallow areas.

You will also see tables Essentia has set up at Fargo, West Fargo and Moorhead pools to remind people to stay safe in the sun.

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