Father’s Day Celebration Brings Generations Together

Drekker Brewing Company and Blackbird Woodfire team up to host Father's Day brunch


FARGO, N.D.– It’s Father’s Day and dads all over are being celebrated.

Drekker Brewing Company and Blackbird Woodfire teamed up to host a Father’s Day brunch to celebrate dads and all the things they do for their kids and family.

“Well this is like Dad heaven here at the brewery,” said Mark Bjornstad, co-founder of Drekker Brewing Co. “It’s a great place to be, it’s a community space. My Dad has always been right behind me with whatever I wanted to do, supportive, right there, teaching me, helping me learn lessons on growing up to be a father myself.”

Dads young and old came out to enjoy some food and brews with their families.

“I’ve been really blessed with a good family,” said John Villiard, a dad and grandfather. “A Great son, great daughter and great wife. It’s just, it’s a family and that to me is… everything I’ve got is around my family. I really love them and that’s what it’s all about I think.”

“My dad has always been the most important guy in my life and he’s what I kind of model raising my son after,” said Jason Villiard, a father and John’s son. “I want to bring my son up the same way my old man brought me up.”

It’s a love that’s passed down through generations.

“Some of the things I love about my dad are he’s funny he’s hyper he’s playful, he is generous he is giving, and he has a heart of gold,” said Bryce Villiard, son of Jason.

For some dads, this day means the world to them because it means they get to spend it with their family.

“Being a dad is a real gift,” added John Villiard. “You are just blessed to have kids; God gives you a son and a daughter and grandchildren. To me, that is the epitome of a good life, I wouldn’t need any more than that.”

It’s one day that serves as a reminder of how much these dads mean year round.

Dad ate for free at the brunch.

KVRR would like to wish all the dads out there a Happy Father’s Day!

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